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Joy of Creative Community

I started making pottery in high school and continued on in college, interning at various art centers, teaching classes and workshops and now carving out a new little space for myself to create here in Nashville.

But these are the first people I think about whenever I think about pottery: my college friends, my fellow potters, my prankster pals.

For me these pictures are pure nostalgia. This photo is one of my all-time favorites: looking into the window of “the pot shop,” as we affectionately called our old studio, a place torn down shortly after we graduated, a place we can only visit in our memories.

We spent so many sleepless nights working to complete our assignments there, listening to Neil Young sing to us on an old CD player that often skipped due to all the years of clay dust falling on it.

This is the joy of creative community - to encourage and collaborate, to have a mix of experienced artists and beginners, to welcome friends and those who will become friends into a shared space...and create beautiful things together, both literally and figuratively.

I recently saw the second picture pop up in my newsfeed. It was one of the last days before I graduated and I was giving away a bunch of pottery to friends. I placed the pieces on the floor in my living room & invited friends over to pick what they wanted.

And it’s been so fun, all these years later, to hear these very friends tell me that they still have my pottery in their respective homes (and vise versa), to look at our pieces of pottery and remember a different time, and to think of each other and all we created together.

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